A Commercial Pressure Washing Company – With the Environment in Mind

Project Description:

Mr. Pressure Wash is not your ordinary pressure wash company. With industry leading environmental management practices, we are able to clean grease and oils off of surfaces as well as simultaneously recovering the water and recycling it.

Our primary services include parking garage cleaning, storefront walkway cleaning, commercial building washing and all warehouse floor pressure washing.

Mr. Pressure Wash was established with over 50 years of combined experience in the pressure cleaning industry. The owners being part of the original developers of ECO-Friendly vehicle washing in the early 1990’s were able to custom fabricate systems to wash and recycle waste water on hard surfaces.

In addition to advanced waste water management practices, Mr. Pressure Wash is able to set up systems and procedures to ensure the highest level of professionalism and service to its clients.

Customized Pressure Wash Systems
All equipment used by Mr. Pressure Wash is custom manufactured for complete efficiency and flexibility. No water at your job site? That’s okay. We have trucks that are fitted with large tanks for fresh water pressure washing. This may come in handy on job sites that are in remote areas or even buildings that do not have outdoor spigot.

Parking garages that do not have water sources can be tackled with our proprietary water recovery and reclamation system that allows us to wash hundreds of thousands of square feet of concrete without needing fresh water.

Warehouses or parking garages with no drains; we can clean these flat surface areas without leaving puddles of water and large messes over the floor again using our water recovery system.

Apartment stairwell landing areas or indoor atriums can all be washed with our system without creating water damage inside units or large messes that defeat the purpose of pressure washing.

If you are located anywhere in the Greater Seattle Metro area and your building or property needs to be cleaned we invite you to see the Mr. Pressure Wash difference.